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This is our internal lab. We test, assess, build and release our most innovative ideas for companies.

Latest work from Ulife

Muzes: powering an innovative B2B procurement platform with data and infrastructure.

Muzes is a company that aims to build one of the most innovative B2B platforms on the market.

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Data collection and storage

Automatic data collection and storage on the platform.

Data infrastructure

Drafting and building the data infrastructure on Azure cloud services.

DevOps automation

Complete DevOps automation from push to deployment with Kubernetes.

Kawlo: Better education across the globe with generative AI

We are accompanying kawlo to create a better and more accessible education for the world.

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Intelligent instant tutor

An AI tutor suggests answers to typical students' questions

Generative AI

integration of Generative AI solutions into the system

Model Fine Tuning

Making the model more adapted to their brand and use cases

Reduced model hallucination

Reducing the number of errors generated by the model

Verbose: automating customer support with generative AI

Reducing cost and enhancing user experience with AI customer support

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Intelligent Search System

An AI solely based on company-generated data and nothing more.

Generative AI

integration of Generative AI solutions into the system

Zero system hallucination

Remove unintended answers from the model

Kawlo: Spam filtering with deep learning

Protecting users from fake accounts and scamming messages

Visit the case study >

Data collection and completion

Collection of relevant data and data augmentation

Enhanced safeness for users

Building and deploying a deep learning model on an existing user base

Continuous monitoring

integration of Continuous monitoring and support for the solution

Ulife school : Next generation education

This project attempts to create a better education for the next generation.

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Intelligent learning assistant

A learning assistant helps students by improving their course path.

Built from free contents

The course content is in thousand of forms. Students can choose.

Real-world projects

We have handpicked and optimized practical projects for your learning.

Fully flexible and online course

A virtual learning assistant helps students by improving their course path.

Seamless AI: Your job assistant

This project is our attempt to make jobs application easier.

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Skills-based job filtering

Our tools choose the perfect job based on your skills and preferences.

Resume/CV customization

For each job, our AI will create a resume customized with the keywords for that job.

Auto application mode

Leave the hard work of job hunting to our AI. It searches and sends applications for you.

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We have the knowledge and the infrastructure to build, deploy and monitor Ai solutions for any of your needs.

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