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We provide the tools, the data and the infrastructure for the next generation innovations.

From data annotation, AI integrations to the future of school, we are always on the right side of AI innovations.

We have worked on:


All your data for your models in the same place

Data annotation and labelling for all needs

Automatic data collectiondirectly from website

Create a data collection task in minutes and collect structured data for your data analytics or model fine-tuning.

Data annotation and labelling

Publish the task on our data annotation marketplace, and we will build the annotation teams for your needs.

Data analytics for all needs

We provide data analytics services with a team of proven data experts for all types of problems.

AI platform for your solutions

Model finetuning and No-code integrations for your AI solutions

Model fine-tuning

Collect data and fine-tune generic models like GPT, AI21labs, and Cohere on our platform.

Low code / No-code integration

Easy Ai integration to your preferred solutions like Zapier, Airtable, Slack, ...

Model development

Complete model development for your needs. From data collection to model deployment.

Let's Innovate together for a better future.

We have the knowledge and the infrastructure to build, deploy and monitor Ai solutions for any of your needs.

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