Why are roadmaps broken, And how to fix them?


Six years ago, I started a web development course online (udemy) and after multiples videos watched and certification, I finally tried to get a real project done. I started by looking for web development projects online and hopefully, I have found a lot of content. But when I opened my editor to try to write something I just felt like everything I have learned wasn’t enough and I had a lot of other things to learn. And the more I learn separately the less I know how to use all those knowledge.

The problem: First try

Sometimes after I failed to build my first project, I tried to see what can I learn from the beginning ti the end to become a web developer and actually build projects on my own. And I found a very interesting website called roadmap.sh where I was able to see everything, completely everything I needed to learn frontend or backend from scratch. The steps, the technologies and everything. It was mindblowing. genuinely perfect until I found out that I had a plan but not the resource to realise this plan. I tried looking for videos on each topic and it was really difficult. I finally paid (a huge amount of money) for an online BootCamp. And even with that, I end up failing interviews questions because what I have learned in 6 months was too restricted. They teach me how to use different tools to solve a problem but not how to learn alone new things. With a lot of time and effort, I finally learn web development and learnt how to learn online. I was surprised to see Elon musk saying that everything is available for free on the internet. because I looked for a lot of things that I couldn’t find at that moment.

Second try

Recently, I wanted to try out new carers and discover machine learning. So with all my 6 years of knowledge on how to learn new things online, I first search for roadmaps. I found a lot of interesting things, buuuuuuuuuuut it was just a learning plan. I looked for content everywhere (youtube, blogs, research papers, even on Reddit). But there was nothing matching the path I have seen online. And also I wasn’t a machine learning expert. So the small content that I have found I wasn’t able to confirm that it is actually good content. In my search, I found this video by Siraj Raval (Github Link) I was so happy that I started immediately. The Github has links to everything I needed for free (courses online on youtube, edx, …). I started with the first 2 chapters it was really fast and I was really glad. That was in September. When I reached section 3 (Week 3 Probability) I registered at edx and they told me that I had to wait for the next batch in January (like really? A course with no mentor, you are alone, no community but I have to wait 5 months). It just stopped my enthusiasm for learning machine learning and I found out that there was a real problem to solve in this area.

A solution?

So I called all the contact that a knew that was really good at programming, DevOps, data analysis or trading and we created ulife school. A learning platform where you can learn things like web development, and data analysis on one platform for free with a community and a really clean learning path. We have launched 2 months ago with complete paths like web development, DevOps, data science and a lot, of course, orientation paths, mini paths that you can start for free on the platform.

We will introduce here 3 roadmaps/learning paths that you can find on the platform and start for free.

Web development :

My friend who has more experience in web development follows the roadmap.sh course path with the most relevant free content found online. We come up with an extremely flexible learning path including different languages so people have possibilities to choose from and orientation sections to help them choose.

We are taking time to carefully choose upcoming content. But actually, you can find languages like a roadmap for software engineering from scratch with basics and then if you choose to continue with backend with have really great PHP, nodejs and web python specialisation and for the front end you have all the basics you need with a beautiful react marathon at the end

Data science

For these paths, we have privileged the simplest path. You have all the basics and a data analytics specialisation that is really easy to follow along with tools like tableau, SQL, power bi and a bunch of projects to practise


This is the most cleaned path. You have a huge amount of tools and directions for further reading/learning at the end. You will discover and dive deeper into topics like Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Linux, operating systems, Jenkins, …

With that said we will be very happy to have your comment about the content, and how you find everything. We are adding a lot of free content and if you want to stay tuned for the upcoming courses just sign up for our newsletter.

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