What is a learning path(roadmap), And how to learn from it


A technology roadmap is a flexible planning technique to support strategic and long-range planning, by matching short-term and long-term goals with specific technology solutions. Wikipedia

You can consider a roadmap as a set of resources organised in a chronological way to help you follow along and learn something new. It is mostly used in computer science to help people draft their online learning journey to learn new technology or a technical topic.

It can be a way to introduce you to neuroscience, data science or a complete plan to learn a subject. You can find multiple contents about roadmaps and paths on the internet. just try “x roadmap” on youtube (where x is the subject you are trying to learn) and you will find a lot of people telling you how to learn and the steps to follow to become an “expert”. This is something extremely interesting, considering the fact that 95% of beginners trying to learn technology on their own face the problem of not knowing where to start, what to do or learn after. We can consider it as the go-to solution for autodidacts and even people trying to evaluate a technology or add some new skills to their assets. Even if you are doing a boot camp, you can consider a learning roadmap to help you follow along, discover what is not included in your program, and what the need for some tools compares to others. Or just to keep learning after your course.

It is definitely a perfect tool for your own education. We have to browse the internet in other to find the most interesting roadmap to learn anything. from UX design to content management. We have chosen the best for you.

Alert: It is really difficult to follow the path without curated content. So consider taking a path where you can find content or working with a mentor that can help you figure out the best content out of your roadmap.

The first platform is.

Ulife schoolpath + videos + free

It is a way to learn everything related to data science for free using a curated roadmap and including a huge amount of content to help you start alone and follow along. I have a community where you can get help if you are stuck or if you just want to exchange with others about what you are learning. For me, it is the 1st go to when you are trying to learn something new alone.

Raodmap.shpath + free

This is the most visited roadmap website with over 100k visits per month. You can find the frontend backend and DevOps roadmap there. It is open source so everyone can suggest a change to the roadmap and if it makes sense, it is updated. The most difficult with it is the content. It is actually difficult to find the content. You have the roadmap topics but you have to find the learning content alone. For example, if you are trying to learn DevOps, they will tell you what to learn but not how.

Personalized GitHub roadmap.

On Github, you have a huge amount of people trying to help others with software, code and roadmaps. You can find almost everything there. From ways to learn MLops to books and resources to learn UX design. It is very interesting but limited because most of the time you will have to find the content yourself. You have the plan but not the engine to follow the road


A lot of YouTubers sometimes expose their own ways to learn things. You can find roadmap videos reaching millions of views but the most complicated with that as we have seen with GitHub and roadmap.sh is the content to follow along. Youtube have a huge amount of content, but you will have to find, sort and choose everything alone in different communities. That makes it difficult to learn on youtube alone


There are some websites giving specific roadmaps to learn things like trading, UX design, … You can find them on the internet just by searching for “x roadmap” where x is the subject you are trying to learn

The autodidact ways of learning things are made easy with roadmaps. We have a huge amount of choices and the go-to depends on us and how good we feel with the materials that we have.

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