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The best API Facker in the world : Json placeholder alternative


Hello everyone! today’s article is about an API faker I have found recently online, it was so amazing that I decided to write about it.

It is called API draft:

They are still in beta now, but we will discover them together in this article.

For frontend developers, or junior developers trying to learn, it is sometimes tricky to have an API that they could integrate into their frontend without having to touch the backend code.

Back in the time when I was learning, I used to integrate JSON placeholder. It was simple with no process. Just call and you get the JSON. It can still be useful today in many cases. But there were some functionalities I would have not been able to test. Real-world applications use much more than just JSON calls. You have authentication, you have Authorisation, … And you have to handle all that in the front of your app.

In my research, I ask my friend developers about the tool they are using and then send me the API Draft beta link. I tested it and it was perfect. Why?

Authentification and authorisation

No need to fake users or whatever, I can directly integrate a sign-in and sign-up process In my app with the API faker without any hassle

You have everything from login to account verification and forgot + reset password. And that is really useful

You also have the profile setting in the API:

You can create a complete application just with that.

Normal JSON placeholder

With the auth integrated you can then call any route to create, update, get, list posts and many others. That you can use easily everywhere

But you also have access to comments on top of posts:

And the small touch that makes it great is that you have Reactions (Like)


With the rest API, you can do a lot, but you have access to that same data with graphQL, You can switch from Rest to GraphQL without losing anything, perfect for learners or to test your API on both of that logic.

And you find all that here: Enjoy and see you in the next story

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