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Introducing GPT4All: The Free-To-Use Alternative to chatGPT Chatbot for Personal Use


ChatGPT has gained immense popularity as a language model and has been widely used for various purposes, including assisting users in generating text, summarizing articles, and answering questions. However, users may seek alternatives that offer more privacy and control over their data. This is where GPT4All comes in as a viable alternative.

GPT4All is a locally running, privacy-aware chatbot that is free to use. Unlike ChatGPT, GPT4All does not require an internet connection or a GPU, making it an excellent choice for individuals or businesses who value privacy and security. With GPT4All, users can explore various capabilities, including asking questions, writing emails, creating documents, and writing code.

Moreover, GPT4All allows users to understand and summarize their text documents and answer questions about their content. Users can also explore GPT4All’s capabilities by asking it to write a poem or assist in writing creative stories, songs, or plays.

Capabilities of GPT4All

GPT4All has a broad range of capabilities, making it a versatile tool for personal use. Here are some of the tasks that you can perform with GPT4All:

  • Answer questions about the world: You can ask GPT4All anything, and it will try to provide you with an accurate answer based on the information available.
  • Describe historical events: GPT4All can also describe historical events in a way that is easy to understand. For example, you can ask GPT4All to describe the collapse of the Roman Empire, and it will provide you with an informative answer.

  • Write poetry: GPT4All can be a personal writing assistant to help you write poems, songs, plays, and creative stories.
  • Understand documents: You can provide GPT4All with your text documents and receive summaries and answers about their contents. This feature is particularly useful for those needing to understand large amounts of information quickly.
  • Write code: GPT4All can also help you with easy coding tasks by providing guidance and suggestions. However, note that the code capabilities of GPT4All are still under improvement.
  • Real-time inference on an M1 Mac: GPT4All can provide real-time inference on an M1 Mac, which is a significant advantage for users who need quick responses.

Installation Instructions

Installing GPT4All is a straightforward process. You can download the installer from the official website and choose between the Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu installer. After downloading and installing GPT4All, you should be able to find the application in the directory you specified during the installation process. You will also find a desktop icon for GPT4All after installation.

Windows Installer

After downloading and installing, you should be able to find the application in the directory you specified in the installer. You will find a desktop icon for GPT4All after installation.

NOTE: On Windows, the installer might show a security complaint. This is being addressed as we’re actively setting up cert sign for Windows.

MacOS Installer

After download and installation, open the .dmg file and drag the GPT4All app to your Applications folder. You should then be able to open the app from your Applications folder.

Ubuntu Installer

After downloading and installing, you should be able to find the application in your applications menu. The application should have a GPT4All icon.

After the installation, you will be able to find the icon in your apps and to launch the application, you need to run that app, and you can start chatting with your new assistant.

Performance Benchmarks

GPT4All has been benchmarked against other language models on several tasks and has consistently performed well. For example, GPT4All-J 6B v1.0 has an average accuracy score of 58.2% on various benchmark tasks. Other models like GPT4All LLaMa Lora 7B and GPT4All 13B snoozy have even higher accuracy scores.


In conclusion, GPT4All is a versatile and free-to-use chatbot that can perform various tasks. Whether you need help writing, understanding documents, or answering questions, GPT4All can provide accurate and informative answers. Additionally, the fact that it runs locally on your own hardware means you have complete control over your data privacy.

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