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Dixto : How to protect your website from spam comments ?


This is a series of multiple articles where I will be presenting the complete creation process of the dixto saas, open-source software. It will go from the start, the idea to the full model and the surrounding.

Dixto is a saas software developed by as a partly open source project and ultimately build in public. The creation process is documented on the blog and youtube.

So the idea for that software started when I was working on a forum for students with a friend. We have developed the complete software and everything was deployed for our first users. But after 100.000 downloads, we start seeing promotional content all over the place and weird post from registered users. All those content was unfortunately saved in our database and presented to our honest customers over and over again.

I have faced the same problem after creating a WordPress blog for a friend where he documents his economic journey. I started seeing spam comments like:

Discover the new financial tool that can make you rich. https://*******.es/promo


And we had no moderation policy. We could at least delete the comment there on the blog but it was not a scalable solution in the long run.

So I decided to build a really simple-to-use spa filtering API and software for any users facing the same problem we had, we chose to extend it with explicit content detection right after we have integrated images and videos on the mobile app.

So I decided to create the software completely online while documenting the whole process, as it may help other people willing to implement the same solution or just to understand how the software works.

The main people targeted by the software are:



The API will help developers to prevent and mitigate spam on every input of their website, mobile app, blog, or web application. The advantages for developers will be:

  • Spam detection on text content, pictures, …
  • API and SDK for nodejs, php, java, …
  • Simple to use, possible to self-host the solution

Database administrators

Database adminstrators

For database administrators, we want to provide plugins and tools to delete existing spam in the database and clean already existing content.

  • Spam detection and mitigation in database data
  • Modules for databases like mongo, …
  • Simple saas solution easy to use for non-technical users

Community managers and creators

community managers

Those are the last people targeted by using spam detection and explicit content software. They will be able to:

  • Spam detection in big communities with moderation tool
  • Web interface accessible and API for technical users

We have decided to create integrations for common tools and programming languages such as Java, PHP, WordPress, react native, and flutter, … with a simple SDK or API for all of them.

We are launching soon on our website and will be giving a huge discount to early adopters. You can join us by clicking on early access on the website

You can contact us at our mail or visit the website

Thanks and see you in the next index!

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